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Dating site building failed

Dating site building failed

Resolution The error message: Caused by: javax.

SSLHandshakeException: sun. SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target Is a common error message reported by the Java Virtual Machine. This is caused when the Java environment does not have information about the HTTPS server to verify that it is a valid website.

Possible causes of this issue: If the Java version running on your machine is not up to date, hence the cacert that is included with your old Java version does not trust the latest Certificate Authorities. Ensure you are running the latest fix pack of Java for example, for openjdk 1.

Running Jenkins with the option -Djavax.

In this case, you may have to rebuild your custom trustStore using the latest cacerts file from the latest Java fixpack version The most common reason for this issue is the certificate is provided by an internal Root CA or is a Self-Signed Certificate. Note In this example I will be using firefox.

Similar steps are available for all other browsers. To begin we dating site building failed need to navigate via the browser to the URL where the certificate is located. Clicking on the green lock will show us information about the certificate. After clicking on the green lock click on More Information: Once you click on the green lock, then a new box will appear with more information about the certificate.

Also make sure to maintain the PEM format. It is a value to distinguish this certificate from others.

Dating site building failed

Note: Windows users should verify that they are importing the dating site building failed into the JRE Jenkins runs in. This can be a different version of Java than the one which gets invoked by running java or keytool from the command line. Once the command is executed, then the final part is to make sure that the JVM uses the correct cacert file.

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To do this please add the following arguments to your Jenkins Java startup process: -Djavax. The trustStorePassword option is optional as some users like to set a password for their cacerts file.

Dating site building failed

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